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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feed Your Addiction Amazon Giveaway!

I'm guessing lots of lucky folks out there found an iPad, Kindle, Nook or some other ereader under the tree this Christmas. Of course, some old fashioned bibliophiles out there still cling to print books, which I totally respect. Though I've become addicted to ebooks, I curled up with a pulpy paperback from the 1950s last week and it was delicious--so nostalgic and cozy! It was an old dog-eared copy of The Build-Up Boys, about Public Relations; it had some serious Mad Men style going on, which I can't get enough of lately. Oh, and it's not really quite so trashy as the cover makes it look.

However you prefer to consume books, whatever your tastes, I'd like to enable your literary addictions with a little token of my love...