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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here's word numero uno in my Summer 08 Neologism (i.e. Gehrman-coined word) series. There'll be a new one every week, so stay tuned!

POPTROPICS noun (pop΄trop΄iks)
1. A land filled with beautiful people who dye their hair sorbet hues, display sparkly bellybutton piercings, and have icy beverages surgically attached to their hands. The weather is always eighty degrees, with just enough humidity to make hair dangle in desultory waves but never frizz. The region is also characterized by the constant presence of bad eighties music, remixed and pumped through gargantuan speakers with chest-rattling subwoofers.
2. Representations of such a place, as in film, design, fiction, or bad eighties music.
3. Of or relating to those who inhabit the Poptropics. See also Poptropicarians. (2008; ME Popp, ME tropic, fr. L tropicus, fr. Gk tropikos, fr. trope turn, as in a record)


Marjolein said...

Heey Jody!

Your new blog is just lovely!
i will post the link on my blog!

hope you received my card in the mail!

xo Marjolein

Sara LeeAnn said...

Fantastic word, Jody! I think I know a few people from there... ;-)