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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Neologism #3: Fanny Packery

Fanny Packery: noun (fan΄ē pak er ē) 1. Hideous lack of style, epitomized by wearing a fanny pack, though not limited to FP display. Other examples of fanny packery include commenting during movies on the characters’ emotions or motivations, wearing socks with sandals, and cutting one’s hair into any variation on a mullet. 2. Attitudes that express or embody said lack of style. 3. Philosophical stance characterized by caution, practicality and/or fear of the unknown. i.e. Did you hear that dude going off about how a skate park would bring drugs to the neighborhood? Man, that was some serious fanny packery!


ambeen said...

Lol, I agree about the movie thing. It should include repeating lines the characters just said because you found it humorous and wanted to make sure everyone else watching got that it was funny.

Julia Scott-Douglas said...

LOL! Great word - I'm going to start integrating it into normal speech.

Hope. said...

lol. That is a great word. :p