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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hot New Places to Submit Your Fiction

Sometimes, as a writer, it's easy to feel you're navigating a vast, barren wilderness all alone. You've slaved away on your manuscript; you've read and reread it. You gritted your teeth and persevered when the feedback was less than stellar. Now it's as perfect as you can get it, and you decide you want to go the traditional publishing route, rather than getting it out there on your own. You're ready to submit it to publishers, yet you find doors slammed in your face every step of the way. This road is especially rough for writers without an agent.

Take courage, writers! Here's a list of places accepting submissions in various genres:

Science Fiction and Fantasy: DAW (a Penguin Imprint)

Young Adult Fantasy: Teen Crave, a brand new imprint from Entangled

Young Adult Contemporary Romance: Teen Crush, a brand new imprint from Entangled

Adult Romance: Lovestruck (an Entangled Imprint)

Gritty Romantic Suspense: Intrigue Noir (a Harlequin Imprint)

Historical Romance: Harlequin Historical 

Erotic Novellas: Cosmo Red-Hot Reads 

Wishing you all kinds of luck and positive juju as you send your baby out into the world. Drop me a line and let me know how it goes!



Love the cover of bombshell. Very sexy! And I love how your name is in big, bold print.

Jody Gehrman said...

Thanks, Natasha. If Bombshell is sexy it's because UWGU kept pushing me to stop "fading out" when things got steamy :) Glad you like the cover.