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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga Dishes About Self-Publishing

Thursday I went to the enchanted land known as Emerald Hills in Redwood City to hear Wendy Nelson Tokunaga speak at Ellen Kirschman's gorgeous home. Other writers in attendance were Gretchen Maurer, Katia Noyes, Lynn Kaufman, Harriet Chessman and Maude Carol. We got amped on sugar and coffee and hungrily soaked up everything Wendy told us (okay, we interrupted her constantly with comments and questions, but that's not a crime, is it?) She chronicled her journey from traditionally published work (Midori by Moonlight, Love in Translation, St. Martin's Press) to going her own way (Falling Uphill, His Wife and Daughters). I listened with rapt attention to her tale and took feverish notes. Rather than summarizing it all here and potentially misrepresenting some of her experiences (I was under the influence of sugar and caffeine, after all) I'm going to follow up with a Wendy interview, so stay tuned...

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