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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I love that so many bloggers are encouraging people to read about witchcraft and magic! Sure, I love it for selfish reasons, but also for altruistic reasons--namely, that witchy books deserve to shine, since so many of them are really, really good--enchanting, even.

The Domestic Pagan, that lovely creature who brought you the Pagan Reading Challenge, is now hosting a readathon, complete with prizes. I've already let her know I'd like to throw my witch's hat into the ring and pony up with some prizes, so I'll keep you posted on that. For now, head on over to her blog and sign up. Think of it: autumnal leaves spinning wildly through the air, the scent of woodsmoke on the breeze, and you curled up by the fire, reading about spells and broomsticks and things that make magic in the night.

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