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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Magical Chocolate Cake Recipe (Warning: Serious Aphrodisiac)

Quick Reminder First: Tonight at Midnight the Dark of the Moon Giveaway ends! Get your Witchieness with a side of necromancers for free, but do it now or miss out. After tonight the price will skyrocket to an astronomical 99 cents once again.

Okay, onto other news: I got an email this morning from All Romance E-Books. They're putting out a call for submissions. Editors there are looking for recipes for a new book they're planning called Passionate Cooks: Free Recipes from Today's Hottest Romance Authors. Since Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft already contains a number of recipes (some for desserts, some for spells) I thought I'd submit mine. Follow the link above for guidelines if you feel like sending them yours.

And then I thought, hey, I really should start sharing some of Audrey's recipes and spells on my blog. Why not? Y'all deserve a little culinary magic, right?

Magical Chocolate Cake
 Warning: May induce feelings of intense lust and even love, especially when baked by a witch and served fresh.
·      4 ounces super awesome (i.e. expensive) bittersweet chocolate
·      1 stick unsalted butter
·      3/4 cup sugar
·      3 eggs
·      1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
·      Fresh berries (optional)
·      Whipped cream and/or caramel (optional)

1.   Preheat oven to 375°F and butter an 8-inch round baking pan. Line bottom with a round of wax paper and butter paper.
2.   Chop chocolate into small pieces. In a double boiler, melt chocolate with butter until smooth.
3.   Whisk sugar into chocolate mixture. Add eggs and whisk well.
4.   Sift ½ cup cocoa powder over chocolate mixture until combined—don’t stir more than needed.
5.   Pour batter into pan and bake 25 minutes, or until thin crust forms on top.
6.   Let cool 5 minutes, then invert onto serving plate. Top with fresh berries, drizzled caramel or whipped cream if desired (you know you do).

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