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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft FREE on Amazon

In order to celebrate the spookiest Dark of the Moon of the year, I'm offering AUDREY'S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT  FREE:

October 14-16 

Here's the Amazon Teaser: 
From the award-winning author of Babe in Boyland comes a Young Adult paranormal romance about witchcraft, black magic, and the pleasures of paranormal chocolate...

Falling in love, baking a magical cake, fighting an evil necromancer—it’s all in a day’s work for Audrey Oliver, seventeen-year-old witch-in-training. When her mother goes missing and her mysterious "cousin" shows up out of the blue, Audrey knows something’s gone horribly, dangerously wrong. Now it’s up to her to get her own magical powers up to speed before everyone she loves is destroyed by the sorcerer intricately connected to her mother’s secret past. 

Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft is more than just a novel; it's a book of spells, a collection of easy recipes, a charming coming-of-age story, an enchanting romance, and an action-packed adventure. As Audrey overcomes her insecurities and learns to protect herself against the wicked black magic of her nemesis, she grows into a heroine we can root for—a witch who knows that true power comes from deep within.

"This novel was brilliant! It kept my attention, had me laughing...I was thoroughly invested in the sparkling dialogue between Audrey, her friends, and her love interest. I can’t wait for the sequel to release...I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new paranormal read or, at any rate, some sizzling romance because trust me, Julian is swoooon-worthy!"
                                                                                                       ~Ivy Book Bindings

"Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft is a laugh out loud type novel.  It was straight up hilarious even if Audrey does end up with brains in her hair.  I would recommend this novel to fans of the YA supernatural, readers who enjoy humorous reads, and people who want a novel that is full of mystery, secrets, action and romance.  With a main character who is practically Dark Phoenix...from the X-men, what isn’t to love?"

                                                                                    ~Chapter by Chapter Reviews

"Since Audrey has a talent for preparing delicious mouth watering desserts, there's also some recipes thrown in that readers may want to try. This is certainly a light and amusing story filled with so many likeable characters that I had a hard time putting it down."
                                                                                    ~Primrose Musings

"Audrey is a believable protagonist...Snarky. Intelligent. Fierce. Funny."

                                                                        ~Unsociable Rabbit's Rants and Reviews

"If you like a fun read involving witches and sort-of zombies, with well rounded characters and a horrific high school enemy, then pick this one up for sure."
                                                                                    ~I Am Alive Book Blog

"Overall this one is a must read, must obtain for your high school library. Everything you need to know is in the first sentence of the synopsis: Love + Baking + Fighting = super fun read! Gehrman makes writing look easy but we all know it's no simple feat to develop an interesting character with witty dialogue who has magical powers. As Audrey writes her guide she includes everything from Creme Brulee recipes to Protection Spells to How to be a Boy Repeller lists!   If you liked Meg Cabot's Jinx, you will enjoy this one!"

                                                                                    ~Reviews of Young Adult Literature    

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