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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Heart Montana Musicians!

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."
                                                                                                         --George Harrison

Our random open mic journey continues; we're now hitting the home stretch. We've splashed out on a hotel in Pocatello, Idaho after five days of camping in gradually colder and colder weather. Grungy showers and chilly winds finally got the better of us, and we're luxuriating in the Best Western (thank you, Yelp, for your awesome roadside guidance!) While we've got internet access and a cozy haven to hang in, we wanted to post a quick blog. Stay tuned for roadside pictures and videos of our favorite performers.

Before we go any further we need to give a quick shout-out to Montana, home of a seriously rocking open mic scene! If you ever find yourself in the mood for eclectic music, zero pretense, and an amazingly good time, wander your way to big sky country and check out Sean Kelly's in Missoula or the Haufbrau in Bozeman. We've cruised through five states now, and man, Montana really knows how to make the musical traveler feel welcome. As soon as we get to a speedier internet connection we'll add a few clips of Montana-style bad assery from dive bar extraordinaire, the Haufbrau. We especially loved Thom, a heartbreakingly authentic cowboy guitar guy; The Awesome Awesomes, a one man drum and trumpet band; and Eric, a metal-head with a heart of gold who grew up playing country music with his dad right here in Pocatello. Oh, and lurking in the shadows of several video clips you might spot Dean, the host of the open mic, a professional country-western drummer, and (incidentally) a fine brewer of kombucha, which he let us sample. Mmmm...basil-gingery deliciousness!

Tonight we'll join an acoustic jam session at Portneuf Valley Brewing in Old Town Pocatello, a place we explored a bit today. I have to say this was the first time I've ordered a mocha in a store that sells secondhand baby gear, but that's exactly what we did at Tiny Treasures Baby Boutique, also the home of Deja Brew. Just one of the many novel experiences one encounters on the road. Stay tuned for videos, pics, and more...

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